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Welcome to Huntinthewild, Inc.
   Huntinthewild, Inc.  is a Charitable 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization devoted to help children who are not as fortunate as others to get out and enjoy the outdoors because of illness's or disabilities by providing them Hunt's, fishing trips and Outdoor Programs at no charge. We can provide hunts such as Deer, Hog, Elk, Turkey, Bear and Duck. Also coastal and fresh water fishing trips. If you know of a child or young adult that is disabled or ill please let us know and we will do our best to provide a hunt or trip for that child or contact one of our partners that can. You can complete a hunting Application on our Application page. We have some really great partners this year with great outdoor products. Our guide services are top notch and ready to go, so book that hunt of a lifetime. It is also that time to be bringing you new product reviews so you can get out in the woods with what really works for you. Please send in your or your child's photos or letters so we can share your hunt of a lifetime. Remember we wish you the best on all your endeavors. We will keep you posted on up coming events, hunts and products. Also please let us know if there is any information we can provide you to make you next hunt a successful one..
Remember our goal is to help provide as many trips to these young outdoors men and women as possible. The outdoors are a big part of our desires and traditions. So when ever possible try to give back and pass the traditions on with family and friends. Hunt hard, safely and put God first and everything else will fall in to place.
God bless and good Hunting,
Richard Kinton

Melissa Kinton

 The 2017 Hunting Season.
2017 was a great year. We had some great and successful hunts. The main thing was that we had some absolutely great times with the kids this year. We hope that 2017
hunting season will be just as great. We know with the love and support that we have received, that we can make it another year of dreams come true for the children and disabled hunters. Again we would like to thank all those who helped and our sponsors that made the 2017 hunting season a successful one.
                                                                                         " IN LOVING MEMORY OF JOEY "
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The Unborn Child
 The Child, yet unborn, spoke with the Father,"Lord, how will I survive in the world? I will not be like other children, My walk may be slower, my speech hard to understand, I may look different.What is to become
of me?" The Lord replied to the child,"My precious one, have no fear, I will give you exceptional parents, They will love you because you are special,not in spite of it. Though your path through life will be difficult, your reward will be greater, You have been blessed with a special ability to love,and those whose lives you touch will be blessed because you are special."
 In a hundred years from now It will not matter what my bank account was, the type of house I lived in or the clothes I wore but, the world may be a better place because I was important in the life of a child.