Hunter Safety System  Safety Vest.

Hunter safety system has done it again. The new line of vest are on point, these vest are comfortable and you never have to worry about discomfort when using this product. In my true opinion there is not a better vest on the market. Here are the specs on the new Model HSS-6 Get one try it and you will not be disappointed.  The 2010 Hunter Safety System Pro Series takes the pinnacle of safety harness designs to the next level of excellence, comfort, stealth and ease of use. Perfection often takes time and this system’s time has definitely come!
Product Information:            
* S/M = 100-175 lbs. (32”-44” torso) L/XL = 175-250 lbs (42”-56” torso) 2X/3X = 250 - 300 Ibs (48”-60” torso) Warranty: 300 lbs maximum weight limit..
* Rubber coated, quick snap buckles on legs eliminate noise and all the problems associated with weave-through buckles and dangling straps.
* Has eight convenient pockets.
* Elastic binocular and/or range finder straps on shoulders.
* Break away stitching in tether for shock absorption in the event of a fall.
* Free Suspension relief/deer drag and tree straps included
* Side loops for convenient Lineman’s belt attachment.
* Instructional and entertaining DVD included as well as written instructions with photos.
* Waist and leg straps fully adjustable
* Meets and/or exceeds TMA certification standards.
* Comes in Realtree APG pattern
* Model HSS-6
* Includes a Free Lineman's Climbing Strap a $39.99 Value *

In closing I want to say this is a product that we at are proud to endorse.

Jeff Kinton

For more information, contact:
Hunter Safety System
8237 Danville Road
Danville, AL 35619
Stink Stick Scent Dispenser

This is what the company says about Stink stick (  Made of durable plastic, the Stink Stick® can withstand the harshest elements hunters endure. With Stink Stick you will never have to worry about spilling and getting scents on your hands. It makes using scents easy.)  Well I'm here to tell you it is the best scent dispenser I have scene.  It is easy to use and and really gets the scent out. They work so well I had to hide them from my wife because she was trying to put vanilla air fragrance in them and hang them in the house. If you have not tried them you need to get some you will not be disappointed.
In closing I want to say this is a product that we at are proud to endorse.

Jeff Kinton