" When Dreams Come True "   By Amber Carter
  My story begins at age 2, when I was diagnosed with having a massive stroke. I was rushed to Duke Hospital , where the doctors informed my parents that I could die. They said if I did not die, I probably would never walk or talk again. Fortunately, my parents never gave up hope in the Lord; and the Lord never gave up on me. The little girl who could have died not only made it but recovered nicely. Within 2 weeks of arriving at Duke Hospital I was walking and talking again. My case at Duke was documented as a MIRACLE, and that’s exactly what it was. The results of the stroke did leave me with nearly a total paralysis on my right hand and arm. My right foot shows some effects, but not major. I just thank the good Lord that my mind and overall physical abilities are fine. I began to love hunting at age 3, when my dad took me hunting because my mom had to work the weekend shift. From that first day, I was hooked; my dad never went alone again. I watched my dad take his biggest buck and I longed to have the opportunity to hunt. I started to shoot a gun at age 11 with the help of shooting sticks and couldn’t wait to get the chance of taking my own game. At age 12 I killed my first buck a 4 pointer. I was really doing it!  I met Jeff and Melissa Kinton on a special hunt through the North Carolina Handicap Sportsmen, Inc. That was a special time where I actually killed my second buck a 7 pointer. Mel also killed a nice 8 point buck. During the hunt we all became extremely good friends and Jeff and Mel said I needed to come up to their place in Mount Airy and hunt. They contacted me again during the fall of 2008 and asked me if I would like to go turkey hunting during the spring. Of course I was quick to respond, “I sure do!” In Mount Airy , our entire family (my dad, my mom, my brother-Joshua, and I) all stayed with Jeff’s parents Richard and Dianne Kinton. We couldn’t have asked for more. Richard played the piano beautifully, while Dianne was more than hospitable. We ate some great food while we were there too, AWESOME! Our first trip near the beginning of the season wasn’t successful. My dad, Jeff, and a new friend named Charles all went on the hunt. We heard some turkeys, we saw some turkeys, but none close enough to take. Jeff asked if I would like to come back later in the season. Of course I was quick to respond, “I sure do!”  Later in the year, near the end of turkey season, Jeff arranged Eddie to be my guide. To my surprise, we heard a turkey (which was probably about 500 yards away) answer Eddie’s calls. It was more than exciting to hear the gobbler get closer and closer. Finally we saw him running towards us. I raised my gun, took a deep breath, and kept saying over and over, “I can do all things through Christ, Who strengthens me.” When the turkey came within 30 yards Eddie said, “Okay take him.” I aimed and “BOOM.” The turkey hit the ground! I did it, I really did it! We all ran out of the blind and the awesome celebration began! We took the 9” Longbeard back to Richard and Diane’s home where they all were anxiously waiting to see my trophy. We took lots of pictures and I (of course) was smiling in all of them. I cannot begin to tell you how great that experience was for me. I re-live it everyday in my heart and mind especially every time I see that big boy on my wall. I am so thankful Jeff and his good friend Brandon are beginning an adventure that will give more disabled or terminally ill young people and adults the chance to make a dream come true, just like they made mine come true. They have asked me to be their pro-staffer and my dad to be on their board of directors. We have gladly accepted; because what could be better than helping someone become as happy as I became that wonderful day, “When dreams Come True.” Thanks again to Jeff, Melissa, Richard, Dianne, Alex, Garrett, Charles, and Eddie for making me feel like Royalty! You guys are the greatest!                                                                                                                                                                  
Sincerely,   Amber Carter

Dear Hunt in the Wild:

I want to thank you so much for giving my son Grayson the opportunity to hunt with your organization. This was his first experience at still hunting. With his handicap, this type of hunting best suits his abilities. The deer stands are comfortable and well suited to accommodate children with disabilities. Having an experienced hunter giving pointers and assistance to Grayson made him feel like he could take the "Big one" if the opportunity had presented itself.

It was definitely beneficial to Grayson to get in the groove on Friday. Brandon's assistance making sure the guns were accurate and Grayson was comfortable with the gun gave everyone a look at his abilities. The pep talk helped him understand to squeeze and not to jerk the trigger. it also gave him a chance to meet everyone and get to know them. I wouldn't want to go to a stand and sit with someone I didn't know for several hours.

From Brandon's enthusiasm to Richard and Dianne's Hospitality, to Jeff's humor and patience and homemade soup, we feel like we are part of a new and exciting relationship, a wonderful family.With all of the generosity and great food, how could one not feel at home. Grayson's new favorite snack is the PB&J crackers that were in his snack bag. I have a new favorite breakfast restaurant for Sausage Gravy and Biscuits; It's at 6024 Haystack Road in Dobson , NC.

I also want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to further bond with my son in hunting. In the past, he has gone with his granddad, riding in the truck while they figured out were the dogs were headed. He hasn't had the opportunity to shoot at a deer, much less raise a gun to shoot because the deer are always moving too fast for him to react. And, I am a transplant out in the country, so I don't have many hunting buddies. Grayson hunts while I take care of honey-do's.

These few words of gratitude can't begin to express I hoe I feel. I have had to wipe tears out of my eyes several times as I type this. The entire Hunt in the Wild Family now hold a special place in my heart. I can only hope to be offered this type experience again where my son's interest and happiness are the main focus. His future is brighter and his memories fuller because of you all.

God picked some great people to look after his children. As you fledgling organization grow, I hope that I can, in someway, give of myself to further your mission. God Bless!

Micheal Rudder

Dear Mr. Jeff and Brandon

 Thank you for letting me hunt with my dad and to set to bond with him. I appreciate your hospitality and loyalty throughout our hunt. I appreciate you making the food for us and teaching me how to wait and be patient. Thank you for everything you did and it was fun. To be with you and to tell jokes with you and to to shoot with you. The things you did were awesome like your stories and jokes. I hope to see you again and to hunt again and this time get a big buck. So I hope to see you again and I hope you have a merry Christmas

Your Friend,
Grayson Rudder


Thank you so much for your interest in Amber's dreams. I never imaged, when she first met you on the nc handicapped hunt, that you would be such an important part of her life. Jeff, Mel, and Brandon you have been such a important part of Amber's life. You will never know how much your inspiration has helped her in these important years of her life. I know GOD has put you in our lives! You are not only a seed that has been planted in Amber's life but you continue to nurture her and help her mature in independence that we could not have accomplished without all of you. Thank you! for all you do! My prayer is for others to realize what you have to offer and to fill out an application or to help by applying their God given talents to jump on board with this program.

Pam Carter

Dear Hunt in the Wild, I want to say thank you for the hunt i got to go on in October 2012. I had a great time and my guide, Amber Carter, was an amazing guide. I had an awesome experience even though I didn't get a deer. Amber really helped me adjust to hunting in a new place and she even helped me feel better when I missed my deer. I want to thank Hunt in the Wild, Amber Carter, and the entire Carter family. I would also like to thank the other people and groups who made my hunt possible. I could not have imagined a better hunting experience. Thanks so much Amber and Hunt in the Wild!!

Roslyn Roger